A complete lowdown on ways to improve your sex life

From eternity, it has always been every man’s dream to last longer in bed and to be able to give the best of experiences to his partner so that

he is always thought of as a great lover and his partner looks forward to spending her time with him. All things degenerate sooner or later and that is also most true in case of our body but thankfully

there are many ways to safeguard the body’s energy and to being able to proactively improve our overall health in order to enjoy our life to the fullest.

The connection between a healthy heart and a healthy sex life:

An erection is nothing but the rushing of the blood in to the capillaries of the penis, so if you want better performance then using male enhancement could solve your problems, there's a great selection of pills such as VigRX Plus that are safe to use. The king pin organ of the circulatory system is our heart. Get the connection? If there is a problem with the heart, then it definitely translates into problems in sexual life. Therefore, to enjoy fully in the bed one will need to take immense good care of your heart.

Up on your feet:

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to tone your body and maintain the health of your heart if they are done daily. The logic is very simple. If your heart is working great you will not encounter too many erection problems. Sex itself is regarded as a great exercise for the heart, but cardio exercise will keep it fit for many more years to come.

Yum yummy

Certain food groups can help the increase of blood flow and thus aid proper erection. They are:

a. Tuberous roots such as onions and garlic are rich in enzymes that boost your immunity against a lot of heart diseases;

b. Ripe bananas

c. Peppers and chilly have natural chemical compounds that will help you last longer;

d. Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids;

e. Protein rich food like nuts and legumes;

f. Eggs and lean meat.

Say ‘No’ to stress:

Stress and libido is inversely proportional to each other. Researchers studying the effect of stress on sexual life of a major section of people have recognized that people who stress are the ones who find it the most difficult to get an erection and also if they get one then to be able to sustain it for longer. Stress can weaken the heart and the other vital organs and also lead to other bad habits such as smoking.

Abstaining from bad habits:

While we always see men smoke or gulp down a few pegs before dating someone, overdrinking can make you just fall asleep without even performing too well. Besides, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can weaken your health in the long run and also cause terminal diseases. The harmful chemicals in these substances narrow down the blood vessels and do not allow adequate blood to flow towards the penis and consequently a smoker or an alcoholic may have lesser number of erections.

Time for Vitamin D:

The rays of the sun are good for your increasing your sexual urge because it actively negates the production of melatonin which is the enzyme that is responsible for killing sexual urge an putting the body in the sleep mode. Therefore step out and greet the sun!

Maintain a good rapport with your partner

When you do the act, you need two to tango. It’s a nice gesture to talk to your partner about the way she likes your foreplay or what position she best enjoys. Also, pay a lot more attention on whether she loves it when you cuddle or fondle her. This will go a long way in making it pleasurable for both of you.


Don’t be afraid to seek help:

  • Most of all never be afraid to seek professional advice if you think there is something amiss. Most of the times, the problem is so minor that if you approach

  • a health officer in your area and talk to him about it, you would be surprised that it was such a non issue.

  • It is always and I stress again that it is always better to be sure than in a doubtful state of mind.

  • Doubt in your head will only give an impetus to stress in your life which either ways is not too good for your sex life.