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We are here for you:

In our decade long existence, we have noticed that men who come to seek professional medical help for their sexual life only when there is some major setback to them and they are weighed down by too much doubt and thus not able to perform in bed or are too lax in their performance. We have also noticed that men who experience such problems are extremely reluctant to come to us and they have been pushed by their partners. A small survey done by the organization categorically says that men are afraid only because they are worried that there may be some adverse report which will shatter their confidence. But like we tell all the people who come to us that most of the times the problem is so minor that a few sessions of counseling and a small course of medication is all that it takes to set it right.

Your friend, philosopher and guide

We like to emphasize it now and every time that in treating you we will not leave any stone unturned. Additionally, all the information furnished by you will be kept as confidential as you would wish it to be. There will be absolutely no breach of trust from our side as all our patient’s records are maintained in our private server and every year we seek to delete them from the server itself.

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Don’t be afraid to ask:

It never makes sense to be quiet when you feel discomfort. The thought of discomfort is enough to put you off gear in performing your best. And your sex life deserves your best performances before, now and forever.

Askers get!

At our institution we believe that when you are brave enough to ask, you get answers and solutions to solve them too.